Aviation Low intensity obstruction lights ZOM-1. ICAO type A. Technical description. For purchase, please contact: info.aerosignal@gmail.com

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Aviation Low Intensity Obstruction Lights

 ZOM-1 >10cd, ICAO type A

50-265V AC / 30-350V DC.

ZOM-1 low intensity obstruction lights are a brand new decision intended for fencing high-rise objects, offered by is in 2015. These obstruction lights were developed considering ten years of our company manufacturing experience and business cases of finest specialists in the field of telecommunications, construction and electric equipment. We have set a goal to provide optimum and effective solutions in the form of modern and reliable equipment living up to all needs and expectations. ZOM-1 light filter is equipped with an echelon lens. Quality supervision on all manufacture and shipment stages provides complete exclusion of defective goods claims.


Purpose of the device:


 ZOM-1 low intensity, type A obstruction lights are intended for marking high-rise objects (obstructions) potentially dangerous for air traffic: tall buildings and structures, smoke-stacks, telecommunication towers, mobile communications relay masts, water towerschimneyspower linescooling towers, crane installations, bridge supports, structures located in airports vicinity.


Benefits of our solutions:


         Broad supply voltage band allows connecting our obstruction lights to alternating and direct current without observation of polarities.

         Built-in status monitoring system allows working capacity remote control (full obstruction lights complex as well as each obstruction light separately).

          Status monitoring system contains galvanically isolated, normally-closed contacts allowing seamless integration into any remote monitoring system.


Key features:


         Based on LED-technology;

         Extremely reliable long lifetime;

         Very low power consumption;

         50-265V AC or 30-350V DC nominal operating voltage;

         Stabilized light output;

         Easy to install, several mounting sets available;

         No RF-radiations;

         Two (2) years warranty;





         Long maintenance intervals;

         Supply power voltage variations do not affect to light output;

         Very low total lifetime costs;

         Lightweight and small low wind load factor.


Specifications met:


         ICAO International Standards and Recommended Practices: Aerodromes Annex 14 Volume 1, 5th Edition, July 2009, Chapter 6: Low-intensity, Type A Fixed Obstacle Light.


Optical characteristics:


         Colour  aviation red;

         Horizontal radiation pattern: 360;

         Vertical radiation pattern: the normalized value of 16, the actual value of 24;

         The intensity in the + 6: the actual value of 25 cd;

         The intensity in the + 10: the actual value of 14 cd;

         The intensity in the direction of -6: the actual value of 13 cd;

         LED-supply current stabilized by constant current generator;

         Light output degradation less than 30% after 100 000 h of operation.

Electrical characteristics:


         Operating voltage range, U (in): 50-265V AC. 30-350V DC;

         Input electrical current AC / DC, I (in): 45 ... 200 mA;

         Maximum switching voltage contacts "Contr": 400V;

         Maximum switching current contacts "Contr": 100mA;

         Maximum power consumption: 3,5 W;

         Over-voltage protection.

         Mechanical characteristics:

         Performance: W1 all climate;

         For operation in all macroclimate areas on land and at sea;

          ZOM-1 low intensity obstruction lights are resistant to frost, rain, salt spray, dynamic dust, vibration stress, solar irradiation, acute temperature changes (thermal impact);

         Degree of protection IP 65;

         Operating temperature range -60C to +50C.

         Wind load with MS-EV60 mounting kit @ 200 km/h less than 40 N;

         Lens: transparent, red of impact-resistant polycarbonate optical UV stabilizer DOW (Switzerland);

         Housing material: shock-resistant polycarbonate with UV stabilizer Bayer Makrolon (Germany);

         Weight: not more than 0.3 kg.


General requirements to mounting and exploitation:


ZOM-1 low intensity obstruction lights are attached by means of a carrier unit (tubular mast) with outer threading G 3/4. ZOM-1 low intensity obstruction lights contain a stationary LED module as a light source. This module requires no maintenance or replacement during service life. In order to connect power supply and monitoring wires it is necessary to unscrew the upper obstruction light (light filter) section from its base frame and perform the connection. Upon ZOM-1 low intensity obstruction lights assembly it is necessary to observe that the rubber seal is installed. Light filter cleaning is to be performed if and when it is contaminated by means of clean cotton, soft flannel or wash leather without any solvents and abrasive substances. After cleaning the light bowl is to be wiped by cotton, slightly moistened in alcohol.


Assembly types:



Obstruction lights packing under GOST 23216 for storage conditions 2 (c) GOST 15150. ZOM-1 obstruction lights are packed in transport tare, providing protection from mechanical damage and atmospheric condensation.


Accident Prevention:


In order to ensure safety during exploitation of ZOM-1 obstruction lights it is forbidden to:

         Replace the lamp with light sources having lower luminous intensity index;

         Perform any works on ZOM-1 obstruction lights while voltage is connected;

         Assemble and operate obstruction lights with compromised insulation.


Manufacturer's warranty:


We guarantee faultless device operation during 2 years in case of service regulations compliance!


Order Code:


         ZOM-1 >10cd


Payment and Delivery:


We perform shipping to any region on Incoterms-2010 conditions.

Terms and delivery conditions are discussed individually.

Settlements are made by means of a bank transfer with an advanced contract on delivery.

For purchase, please contact: info.aerosignal@gmail.com

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